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by Koenji Hyakkei

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deepseaelk thumbnail
deepseaelk Always fun to listen to. I have nearly everything they've put out. One criticism I have, however, is they tend to repeat short musical phrases in 4 or 8 measure blocks. (blah blah blah, bada bada bada, blah blah blah, bada bada bada, [repeat ]).
aman7676 thumbnail
aman7676 This band is a musical adventure where you have no idea what the next song will sound like! I love Koenji Hyakkei! Favorite track: VREZTEMTRAIV.
tangerineboi thumbnail
tangerineboi Koenji Hyakkei manages to be one of the most adventurous, excentric, savage and beautiful projects of our time. This album is so violent yet so blissful. The sound in this one is UNPARALLELED. Favorite track: PHLESSTTIGHAS.
catfoodcanopener thumbnail
catfoodcanopener The joy that you feel when you hear of a new album from a band after such a long time is something indescribable, especially when it comes after the sadness of the thought of them never returning, and as a surprise; as a fan of Yoshida's work for over a decade, and as an adherent to the belief of Koenji Hyakkei being the greatest prog outfit ever conceived, this is the best sort of surprise. Favorite track: PALBETH TISSILAQ.
adorelife thumbnail
adorelife Wild, uncompromising, hyperactive, multisemic and totally daunting Zeuhl classic. Zappa, Gong, Tin Man and the Telephone, free jazz bundled and in overdrive. Sonic carnival. Brilliant! Favorite track: PHLESSTTIGHAS.
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs)
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) It's immediately obvious who's the godfather of this music... this is remarkably clean "zeuhl" from Japan, and mastermind and main composer Yoshida Tatsuya plays the drums, of course, like his iconic paragon Christian "Zébehn Straïn Dë Geustaah" Vander. There are some other musical influences noticeable here as well, like 70's "kraut" on "Levhorrm", and some Zappa on Yabuki Taku's excellent "Phlessttighas". The language used for the vocals looks a bit like Vander's brainchild "Kobaïan" from afar, but actually it's just an imitation. I'm mot sure if it's a real language in the first place, with grammar and rules like Kobaïan. Note that a couple of track titles are obviously misspelled. In an attempt to match them with the words found on the enclosed lyrics sheet, I came up with the following tentative spelling and case: 1. Vleztemtraiv; 2. Levhorrm; 3. Zjindhaiq; 4. Phlessttighas; 5. Zjebelaki Zomn; 6. Palbeth Tissilaq; 7. Dhorimviskha. Please correct me if I'm mistaken! Favorite track: PHLESSTTIGHAS.
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Vleztemtraiv Vleztemtraiv Vleztemtraiv Vleztemtraiv Shaiberoste Shaiberoste Tsioldeh Shaiberoste Shaiberoste Tsioldeh
Ohrvizzi Gassfainn Levhorm dehllfondey Ohrvizzi Gassfainn Levhorm dehllfondey wessen tzomborrido Keiyoss Keiyoss Fellondufain wessen tzomborrido Keiyoss Keiyoss Fellondufain
Dusserrquess Sabarimdo Gasstarlain Schbarraiza Usu Sastell Ikaraizom Moskarsai Peteraiza Ubede Nisollo Sallavi Kissida Patorasebi Rontylle Ubede Nisollo Sallavi Kissida Patorasebi Rontylle Mahrobbi Simpriqa Teprresta Quista Mellavi Fellion Braqua Borsim Zjingoss Uruba Feidoss Karguis Bimgguai Renggo Shullba Forrspeim Forrspeim Forrspeim Forrspeim Zjindhaiq Zjindhaiq Zjindhaiq Zjindhaiq
Romendosch Pallaizai Woendhas Kairevrass Romendosch Pallaizai Woendhas Kairevrass Zostey Greydon Wey Rendon Zostey Greydon Wey Rendon Gliezass Freado Medhio Phlessttighass Veedem Quidhas Twlliees Immidavally Passtticks Sem Dellschteim Rimiddo
Levezom Stearim Zeavain Levezom Stearim Zeavain Zjebellaki Durehvem Zjebellaki Zomn Zjebellaki Durehvem Zjebellaki Zomn Zjebellaki Durehvem Zjebellaki Zomn Zjebellaki Stearim Zjebellaki Durehvem Zjebellaki Cironida Kallazini Zeavain
Mahrr Plenderr Forkasz Faim Sokrehmel Foldah Palbeth Tissilaq Fubellam Szaipllim Morbella Karmoss Ulbania Sibortz Tredhia Wyprim Neverasta Formen Ressiqa Lamreh Perode Rustell Celliva Mendellri Bigassparr Sibarra Ferdem Kisspa Ellioza Parrdimkosca Wahlldhiss Kohrnah Plenddess Tilldo Parllasillde Ressiborgha Birllebana Karmosriva Orgiss Karza Fahrinorde Sescionna Halkass Fahm
Orbi Yambah Serdiss Fhaim Friyagabilli Dhorimviskha Orbi Yambah Serdiss Fhaim Friyagabilli Dhorimviskha Kohrrdin Katzeel Torrvallas Bidhinvah Forbilli guirpam Solbahmi Ristarr


5th studio album


released July 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Koenji Hyakkei Tokyo, Japan

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